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Thanks to RootsMagic, visit our family trees on the web. Take a trip through our family history to early New England and beyond, or visit with some of our more recent immigrant ancestors from Ireland or Poland. To exchange information about our common ancestors, write to genes@thehoagies.com. Or, visit our RootsWeb's WorldConnect Project data at Gillespie / Kottmeyer Genealogy.

Kottmeyer Genealogy...

Now a single file, the Kottmeyer Genealogy appears here in its entirety. Please look for the specific surnames listed below to locate our Early American and more recent Irish and Polish ancestors

Early American Ancestors and back...

Our early American ancestors trace long long lines of descent in New York and New England, including immigrants from England, France, Germany, and other European ancestors. Surnames include ...

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Dennis & Gilbo, Brown & Kottmeyer

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Irish Ancestors

Our Scotch / Irish ancestors came to America in the mid to late 1800's. Surnames include ...

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Gillespie & Kane

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Polish Ancestors

Our Polish ancestors came to America and setttled in Connecticut in the late 1800's and early 1900's. Surnames include ...

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Bemis (Bieniarz) & Krempa

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